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National standards for selected Philippine ethnic foods

The Industrial Technology Development Institute of the Department of Science and Technology has set standards for selected Philippine ethnic foods.  Ethnic foods are any food, ingredients or beverages that have a particular association or closely identified with the country or place of origin. 

Although different from familiar food commodities, ethnic foods are often evaluated according to standards of products with which they have the closest similarity in western countries.  Deficiencies in the fair and objective evaluation of quality and safety of these products are often encountered.

Because of intense food industry clamor, ITDI launched a project to develop the much-needed standards to protect and assist the local industry to be globally competitive. 

Although ITDI is not mandated to develop standards, it signed an agreement with the Bureau of Food & Drugs that authorized ITDI to develop standards for selected ethnic food products. 

ITDI first created a “Commodity/Product Working Group” consisting of representatives from processors and traders of products under standardization and ITDI technical personnel.  The group prepared a preliminary draft of the standards based on information gathered from companies’ historical or technical data, analysis of samples, and review of related literature. 

The CWG then submits the draft to the Food Standards Technical Committee for review and deliberation.  FSTC is composed of representatives from the industry (processors of food under standardization), academic institutions, research and development institutes, government agencies, industry associations, consumer associations, and related professional associations.  After FSTC evaluation, the draft standard is turned over to BFAD.

 BFAD presents the draft for public review to ask for comments and suggestions from all affected sectors and stakeholders.  After consolidation feedbacks, the FSTC reviews and revises the document and finally endorses it through a BFAD administrative order and accreditation by the Bureau of Product Standards of the Department of Trade and Industry as Philippine National Standards for subsequent BFAD implementation. 

The strict imposition and adoption of these new standards would guarantee consistent product quality and better competitiveness for the processors, and ensure safety and fair trade for consumers.

UN-NIP laser and optical tech lab gets PCASTRD support

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National standards for selected Philippine ethnic foods

The Industrial Technology Development Institute of the Department of Science and Technology has set standards for selected Philippine ethnic foods.  Ethnic foods are any food, ingredients or beverages that have a particular association or closely....full story

Compostela Valley Wood Industry development project

In a bid to revive Southern Mindanao’s once thriving wood industry, the Integrated Woodworking Development Project was recently implemented jointly by the Forest Products Research and Development Institute, Department of Science and Technology—Regions XI,.... full story

Satellite toll packaging plants and services in regions

The Industrial Technology Development Institute’s Packaging R&D Center has drafted a master plan to establish “Satellite Packaging Service & Testing Centers” in strategic areas nationwide to fast track packaging assistance outside Metro Manila.

The first of these ....full story

PAGASA's five day weather forecast

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Search for outstanding R&D in industry and energy

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DOST, PSciJourn honor outstanding regional media

The SunStar Davao’s Stella A. Estremera claimed the top prize in the first Regional S&T Media Awards jointly organized by the Department of Science and Technology and the Philippine Science Journalists Association Inc.  Central Luzon ’s Anselmo ... full story

Bicol University hosts multi-sector technology forum

The Bicol University Tabaco Campus hosted the Technology with Media Conference in coordination with the Philippine Council for Aquatic and Marine Research and Development, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources....full story

DOST Scholars top honors list

Scholars of the Department of Science and Technology earned top honors among graduates of Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology for school year 2004-2005, DOST-10 Regional Director Angelito Alolod in a report said...full story

Zamboanga del Norte joins e-Philippine pioneers

Zamboanga del Norte became one of the few local government units in the country to first implement the government’s e-Philippines project.

Governor Rolando Yebes,..full story

Romblon international meeting

The Philippines hosted the international meeting of geoscientists last June 6-12 at the Mines and Geosciences Bureau’s Petrolab.  The “Romblon International Meeting” attracted 15 geoscientists from China , ....full story

Bioreactor turns Muntinlupa City market wastes to organic fertilizer

A bioreactor developed by the Department of Science and Technology’s Industrial Technology Development Institute now turns wastes into ....full story


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