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Vol. XXVI, 4th Quarter
October – December 2008

Experience-based learning for PSTDs and ARDs

THE INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY Development Institute of the Department of Science and Technology successfully implemented a project entitled “Enhancement of the Technical Capabilities of DOST PSTDs and ARDs through Experiential Learning at the DOST RDIs” that was conceptualized earlier this year.

The project’s objectives are 1) to familiarize the DOST Provincial S&T Directors (PSTDs), and Assistant Regional Directors for Technical Operations (ARDs) with the various programs and projects, infrastructure and facilities/equipment in the different DOST Research and Development Institutes, and 2) to benchmark technologies or technological interventions appropriate to existing or ideal situations.

The project’s nine-day activities covered institutional orientation and plant visits to seven RDIs, the Los Baños based Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development, and Philippine Council for Aquatic and Marine Research and Development, and study visits to successful clients and entrepreneurs.

Field visits were limited to the Metro Manila area and the provinces of Cavite and Laguna only.

Participants also visited the University of the Philippines-Ayala Techno Park (Technology Business Incubator) in Quezon City, and the Philippine Science Centrum in Marikina City. These enabled them to benchmark on existing TBI and educational but entertaining science centrum.

The first batch of 29 PSTDs and ARDs reached a consensus that the project made them well informed and more confident in dealing with clients. Their dependence on experts from the central office would also likely be trimmed down as a result, they said.

ITDI’s Rural Technology and Information Division, which proposed the project, supervised the day-to-day activities including attending to the needs of the participants.