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Vol. XXVI, 4th Quarter
October – December 2008


Cavite State U develops new coffee varieties

TWO NEW COFFEE VARIETIES were recently released by the Cavite State University (CvSU) through the National Coffee Research Development and Extension Center (NCRDEC). Now registered to the Bureau of Plant Industry’s National Seed Industry Council are coffee Liberica (Coffea liberica L.), commonly known as "Cavite Barako" or"kapeng makapal" and coffee Robusta (Coffea canephora L.), known as "kapeng manipis."

The Liberica variety was named "CvSU Barako" (NSIC 2007 CF – L01) while the Robusta variety was called "CvSU Robust" (NSIC 2007 CF – R07).

CvSU Barako is characterized by a very strong pharmacological taste and flavor, and is easily recognized through berries, flowers, and leaves that are larger than those of other varieties.


On the other hand, CvSU Robusta is a high yielding variety characterized by large, umbrella-shaped growth when pruned. This variety is more resistant to pests and diseases. It likewise has thin leaves and yields heavy clusters of berries.

CvSU coffee varieties planting materials are being grown at the NCRDEC coffee nurseries. (with a report from Melinda Eugenio, NCRDEC)