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Vol. XXV, 4th Quarter
October–December 2007







smart bomb disposal robot









Pinoy shine in computer implemented invention

TAIPEI, Taiwan—Two Philippine entries made it to the list of five qualifiers chosen among 22 semifinalists from nine participating countries at the 2007 World Cup of Computer Implemented Inventions (CII) Semifinal segment for Asia, Africa, and Australia September 27-30 at the Taipei World Trade Center in Taiwan.

The Smart bomb disposal robot by Dean Roel John Judilla of Mapua is a robot equipped with an arm, gripper, and sensors. It is digitally controlled by a computer program to disarm and neutralize explosive devices. The nine-man jury ranked Judilla’s robot as second top, while the Minnesota Inventors Congress of USA cited it as the “most outstanding invention advancing quality of life.”

The E-load automatic transfer monitoring and accounting management system by Dr. Elmer Dadios and Noel Gunay ranked third place.  The system automates the recording of buying and selling transactions of e-load and e-money between servers and subscribers using mobile phones to mobile phones text messaging.

Qualifiers in this level compete for medals and cash with other qualifiers from Europe and America in Nuremberg, Germany November 1-4. In this level, qualifiers will be judged regardless of their earlier ratings. Winners in this International Fedeartion of Inventor’s Association (IFIA)organized CII will be competing in the 2008 World Cup of CII Final in Xuzhou, China.

Primary selection for the Philippine team was undertaken by the Manila Innovation Development Society (MINDS), Inc., a member of the IFIA.