October to December 2006


Seakid is a big business treat

seakid“SEAKID” ISN’T YOUR USUAL crunchy-munchy staple while watching a movie.  But it’s definitely tastier than your regular puffy popcorn.

The movie time bending option started in 1985 as a P50,000 repacking business for snack food items such as polvoron, pastilles, and assorted candies by Toscano-Soriano Trading. The company eventually experimented on producing dried dilis [anchovy] and squid that became bestsellers and made “Seakid” a winning brand.  TST decided to concentrate on food processing.

In time, Elizabeth Toscano faced a happy predicament of a need to expand and improve TST’s production system.  In 2004, the company became recipient of the Department of Science and Technology—Technology Application and Promotion Institute’s Manufacturing Productivity Extension Program (MPEX), which assists small and medium enterprises in the manufacturing sector to attain higher productivity.

Through MPEX, the workers of TST were trained for 5S and GMP that resulted to improvements on the factory and office floors. 

The next step was to upgrade the production equipment of the company. This is where the DOST flagship Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program came in. DOST-NCR facilitated the acquisition of oven, cooker/mixer, dryer/dehydrator, dehumidifier, and vacuum packing machine sealer.

The cooking equipment improved the consistency of the products and prevented oil spills and accidents.  The dryer/dehydrator resulted to consistent drying of raw materials and prevented dust and dirt contamination, a significant improvement compared to TST’s previous sun drying method.

The vacuum packaging machine helped retain the crispiness and quality of the products that also extended shelf life.

Today, TST’s products are on the shelves of major groceries, supermarkets, and convenience stores in Metro Manila.  These are also exported through other exporters or consolidators.  The company however plans to export its products directly in the near future.

The export route has to pass through a certification in Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.  But with the help of DOST-NCR, TST’s managers and staff were trained in HACCP and Introduction to Shelf Life Studies.

TST is currently working to obtain HACCP certification.  STP