Director Nuna Almanzor

When she took her oath of office on September 20, 2005, Dr. Nuna E. Almanzor became the first woman director of the Industrial Technology Development Institute, the oldest agency under the Department of Science and .... full story

"Lean and Mean" weaving machine would aptly decsribe this handloom with a double sley picker mechanism designed by experts of the Philippine Textile Research Institute. The picker mechanism enables the looms

Seakid isn't your usual crunchy-munchy while watching a movie. But it's definitely tastier than your regular puffy popcorn .... full story

Earthquake drill

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology of the Department of Science and Technology conducted a “Trainers’ Training on How to Conduct an Earthquake Drill in School for Region 3”, in preparation for the 3rd nationwide earthquake drill for ..... full story


October to December 2006

Group B Streptococci: Outright Infant Killer

GBS ranks first among 23 other species of microbes tested to cause early onset neonatal sepsis... Since 1970, GBS is one of the leading bacterial infection resulting to illnesses and deaths in the world, . . . full story

Tropical and sub-tropical fruits

THERE ARE ABOUT 3,000 TROPICAL and subtropical fruits species worldwide, close to 500 of which are found in Asia.  Southeast Asia has about 120 major and 275 minor species of tropical and subtropical fruits and nuts, although nearly 200 species remain undeveloped and underutilized. .... full story

Balik Scientist Johnny Abilay: Miling his knowledge to help beef up the country's livestock

Dr. Abilay’s first task is to analyze calving information on frozen Holstein semen recently imported by the National Dairy Authority from the US. He said the imported semen have appropriate uses.  Some are good for large cows and never for heifers, while the rest can only be used for small cows and large heifers. “We may have calving difficulty if the semen used is not proper,” he said in a memorandum.  Aside from the technical advice, he also added reminders on proper recording in.....full story

DOST IV boosts productivity of regional SMEs, industries

THE DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE and Technology’s Regional Office IV based in Los Baños established leadership in introducing solutions to complex development issues facing the small and medium enterprises sector in the region, . . . . full story