October to December 2006


earthquake drills


Earthquake drills

TEACHERS ARE LEARNING TO GUIDE students out of harm when an earthquake strikes.

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology of the Department of Science and Technology conducted a “Trainers’ Training on How to Conduct an Earthquake Drill in School for Region 3”, in preparation for the 3rd nationwide earthquake drill for public and private schools nationwide.

The training held November 16-17 November at Dolores Elementary School in San Fernando, Pampanga was a joint effort with the Office of Civil Defense--National Disaster Coordinating Council, and Department of Education--Region 3.

Public schools in Pampanga sent one representative each for the first session day while the region’s other provinces sent representative for the second day.

Guests and government officials that provided inspirational messages during the two-day training include PHIVOLCS Director Renato U. Solidum, Jr., Congressman Reynaldo B. Aquino (3rd District, Pampanga), DepEd Region 3 Director Daina F. Mindo, OCD Region 3 Director Neri G. Amparo, Dolores Elementary School Principal Graciela F. Subala, and Pampanga Assistant Schools Division Superintendent Ma. Celia J. Fernandez.

The training course covered lectures on “Earthquake and Its Hazards” by PHIVOLCS’s Charmaine Q. Villanueva; “What to do Before, During and After an Earthquake” by Robert Tiglao, and; “Stages on How to Conduct an Earthquake Drill in School” by Mylene Villegas.

Amparo and OCD Region 3 Assistant Director Nelia Tabliago did a presentation on “Incident Command System and Mass Casualty Incident Management”.

The hands-on part of the training included the “School Campus Watching Exercise” where participants went around the venue and identified the safe areas and good practices in terms of disaster mitigation. They also identified unsafe areas and hazardous practices, and gave suggestions on how to improve these.

During the exercise on “How to Develop a School Earthquake Evacuation Plan”, the teachers measured the area of their assigned building within the campus.  Aided with the knowledge gathered and skills acquired from the lectures and hands-on exercises, they designed their own version of evacuation plan.

The concluding part of the program was the “Actual Conduct of an Earthquake Drill”, where the teachers performed the “Duck, Cover and Hold” technique, evacuated the building, and headed to designated evacuation areas.

The 3rd nationwide earthquake drill was initially scheduled last December 5, but was canceled because government agencies have to focus their efforts and resources to the victims of typhoon Reming.  OCD will announce a new schedule. STP