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Vol. XXVI, 3rd Quarter
July – September 2008

TAPI announces National Invention Contest

The National Invention Contest will be held on November 17-21 at the Philippine Trade Training Center along Roxas Blvd. in Pasay City, the Technology Application and Promotion Institute of the Department of Science and Technology announced.

The contest’s five categories include Outstanding Invention or Tuklas Award, Outstanding Utility Model, and Outstanding Industrial Design, which must be covered by patent or registration granted by the Intellectual Property Office.

Moreover, the Outstanding Creative Research or Likha Award refers to research results with demonstrable qualities and

potential for improvement and extensive commercialization, while the Outstanding Student Creative Research or Sibol Award must be new and innovative projects or models developed by high school and college students. These projects or models should hold significant contribution to the promotion of S&T innovations not contrary to public order, morals, public health, and welfare like machines or gadgets, products, or improvement of such items, and non-biological and microbiological processes.

Filipino inventors, designers, and creative researchers can join the contest.  High school and college students can join the Outstanding Student Creative Research or Sibol Award with endorsement from heads of schools.

Inventions submitted in previous National Invention Contests shall not be eligible as entries to the same category, though it must have a substantial improvement in qualify.
For related information, please contact TAPI at telephone numbers 837-2071 loc. 2160 or 2162.