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Vol. XXVI, 3rd Quarter
July –September 2008

Meet Billy Malang:  Prodigious Innoventor

“Innoventor” from the words innovation and inventor drives creativity among many Filipino inventors in developing and innovating products.  Such helpful combination of passion and resourcefulness is the key in meeting challenges of the global competition.

Virgilio L. Malang or “Billy” to those who know him well typifies the dedicated innoventor. He has a harvest of 20 local and 18 international awards so far including the bronze medal at the 2008 First International Inventors Day Convention in Bangkok.

The latest feathers in his glowing hat include the Outstanding Service Medallist for 2008 International Federation of Inventor Association (IFIA), and the 2008 Outstanding Alumnus in Science and Technology of Pampanga High School Centennial.

Malang’s inventive dexterity mirrors his academic achievements.  He has an MBA from the University of the Philippines, a PhD in commerce from University of Santo Tomas, and earned graduate units in Asian studies, agribusiness, and law.

He is the program director of Creativity cram School since 2000 and S&T Post  (publication of Department of Science and Technology) contributor since 1999.  Billy is the author of “Inventions and Innovations: A Glimpse of the Filipino Legacy”, which went on exhibit during the Frankfurt Book Fair in 1999.  Another book he wrote is the National Bookstore bestseller “Sex in a Minute.”  He is currently putting together “D.I.Y. patenting,” a book-in-progress.

Billy has a daily grind as technical consultant of San Miguel Corporation, and founding entrepreneur and CEO of Humana Pharmaceuticals.

Billy has concocted the best excuse for people to take a swig through Vitamin Beer, a light beer fortified with multivitamins.  Its supplemental nutritional value makes Vitamin Beer a healthy option for the health conscious, women, and inexperienced drinkers.
Vitamin Beer gulped the Romania Ministry of Education and Research Cup in 2004, the gold medal in the prestigious Genius Europe Inventions Fair 2004 organized by the expanded European Union in Budapest, Hungary, and the National Inventions Contest in the Philippines in 2006.

From Vitamin Beer, he made improvements and came up with Beer from Rice Syrup using barley.  Billy noticed that the beer innovation is no cure for hangover.  That’s because, he found out, hangover’s etiology is traced to the body’s immune response to congeners and other impurities in alcohol.  To date, there is no known cure, but only palliatives exist for hangover.

So he went to invent the Casual Drinker’s Way of Preventing Hangover, which could purportedly prevent the splitting headache, lousy feeling, and nausea following a drinking treat.

Then there’s Pinoy Tagay Cup, a three-handled communal drinking cup in which the prime industrial design consideration is utilitarian.

Billang MalangIt’s supposedly a toast to the Filipino social ways and culture. It sure looks handy passing from guest to guest at a banquet in the celebrated folk tradition of “tagayan”.  The design suggests that three different persons may drink from the cup, each using a separate handle, and sip at different parts of the rim.

Billy’s inventiveness isn’t confined to adults.  He has come up with “Lollipop Fortified with Multivitamins and Minerals” that purportedly fills the nutrients gap between actual consumption and RENI (Required Energy and Nutrient Intake) among Filipino kids.

Now there’s LolliGundi, a lollipop made of Lagundi, apparently calculated to lick children’s general dislike for medication.  LolliGundi makes medication fun and easy for kids. LolliGundi uses sugar substitute to avoid tooth decay, and has no preservatives, no alcohol, no side effects, and no bitter taste.

The prolific innoventor already has 33 registered inventions and another 10 upcoming creations including the much-awaited contraption-and potentially emotionally loaded innovation--the Female Stand Up Urinal.

[Interested parties may reach Malang at 117 Humabon St., Sucat Parañaque City or contact 842-6662 / 825-5935 or email at humana@pldtdsl.net].