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Vol. XXVI, 3rd Quarter
July – September 2008


8th ASEAN S&T Week

The Department of Science and Technology on the occasion of its 50th anniversary hosted the 8th ASEAN Science and Technology Week during the 2008 National Science and Technology Week last July 7-11 held in three separate venues in Manila.

The ASEAN Science and Technology Week is a key project of the ASEAN Committee on Science and Technology (COST) to showcase significant S&T achievements generated both in ASEAN countries and ASEAN Dialogue Partners, which are relevant to the region’s rapidly increasing needs. The event was part of the group’s goal to achieve a knowledge-based economy.

It also aims to promote S&T development and provide opportunities for interaction, networking, and cooperation among ASEAN scientists, technologists, researchers, academicians, government officials, and private sectors.
The triennial event is held in rotation among ASEAN countries, with each member allowed to bring private groups to showcase one or two products.

Activities included ASEAN COST sub-committee meeting, ASEAN Ministerial meeting, and technical conferences held at Hotel Sofitel in Manila while the S&T Exhibition and ASEAN S&T Awards took place at World Trade Center also in Manila. The ASEAN Science Youth Summit was held at nearby Traders Hotel in Manila.