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Vol. XXV, 3rd Quarter
July to September 2007

From the Editor


What's Hot?

FPRDI studies win top STARRDEC R&D awards

What's New?

Three more DOST laboratories get ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation

FPRDI invites public to visit new museum

e-Nutrition provides easy access to RP's nutrition data

FNRI training program to enhance F&N competitiveness

Local vacuum sealing equipment to benefit MSMB

Government-private group to develop electric transport vehicle


NSTW 2007: Celebrating innovation

Los Baños Science Community's 2007 NSTW Celebration

PCIERD helps seven DOST regional laboratories get ISO certification

FNRI's mission against malnutrition

FNRI electronic library

Better health and nutrition services through reliable ICT

FPRDI Deputy Director Alonzo retires

MIRDC completed 26 R&D projects in 2006

Special Report

How broadband technology is bridging some of RP's R&D gaps with the rest of the world

Production guidebook sweetens muscovado's pull among affluent, health concious foreign markets


The right blend

Ecotourism could stem forest destruction, spur economic opportunities

Health, Food & Nutrition

Micronutrients for body and mind macrobenefits

All season, all reason fruit

Best bite: Iron fortified chocolate cookies

2007 Menu Guide Calendar: Year-round guide to fortifying daily meals with micronutrients

How much water do you need in a day

Kangkong delights

Meals basics for healthy body

DOST wants healthy workforce through "Usapang K"


School on the air on mudcrab culture holds graduation

Mushroom production training