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Vol. XXV, 3rd Quarter
July to September 2007

fiber optic

When broadband technology recently drew the national spotlight, the searing chitchats barely diced the heart of such truly liberating and life-enhancing force. But years earlier, DOST almost quietly laid down PREGINET, its version of "always on" gateway that pushes some of its R&D programs ever nearer to current technology advances.

FPRDI studies win top STARRDEC R&D awards

STARRDEC awardeeFour research studies produced by the Forest Products Research and Development Institute earned top honors in the recent 20th Southern Tagalog Agriculture and Resources Research and Development Consortium (STARRDEC) symposium on R&D highlights, held at the University of Rizal system’s main campus in Tanay, Rizal last August 23-24.

Micronutrients for body and mind macrobenefits

body nutrientsVitamin A, iron, and iodine are the most common micronutrients lacking in Filipino diets.  Children and pregnant and lactating women are the groups that generally suffer from these deficiencies. These micronutrients have been shown to profoundly affect child survival, educational achievement, women’s health, adult productivity, and over-all resistance to illness.

All season, all reason fruit

Unripe papaya fruit is commonly called green papaya.  The white milky juice that comes out from the unripe fruit when injured is a good digestive aid that stimulates secretion of gastric juice.  It is used in cases of stomach discomfort like dyspepsia. 

Best bite: Iron fortified chocolate cookies

Plant foods rich in iron include the legume family, green leafy vegetables such as gamet (seaweeds), kulitis (Spineless amaranth), dahon ng malunggay (horse raddish leaves), kangkong (swamp cabbage), dahon ng gabi  (taro leaves), dahon ng kinchay (Chinese Celery leaves), dahon ng saluyot  (jute leaves), talbos ng kamote (sweet potato leaves), and some dried fruits like prunes.


The Department of Science and Technology presented its programs on food safety designed to fight malnutrition and meet stringent international food safety requirements through its testing and R&D facilities in Bicutan science complex during a recent press conference in Sulo Hotel, Quezon City.

Dr. Nuna Almanzor, Director of Industrial Technology Development Institute explains the importance of food safety, product labeling, and appropriate packaging technology in the face of stringent national and international food and nutrition security concerns during a press conference in Sulo Hotel in Quezon City.

The dry spell phenomenon that sweeps the country has prompted government to act and provide solutions to mitigate its effects on the economy. Photo shows    (R-L) Ret. Gen. Glen Rabonza of the National Disaster Coordinating Council, explains to the media during the press conference on dry spell, the efforts that the agency is providing while DOST Secretary Estrella F. Alabastro and . . . .