July to September 2006


New man at the helm of DOST IV-A

Dr. MadrigalPRESIDENT GLORIA MACAPAGAL-ARROYO recently sworn in Dr. Alexander R. Madrigal as the new DOST IV-A regional director, promoting him from chief science research specialist in charge of Technical Services Division and inter- agency programs of the regional office.

He is an agriculture alumnus of the University of the Philippines Los Baños with a doctorate degree in environmental management. His expertise in planning and operations, and research and technology serves him well as director and deputy director of the consortium on industry and energy research (STCIERD), and agriculture and resources research (STARRDEC), respectively. He is also the president of the Federation of Crop Science Societies of the Philippines, and Society for the Advancement of the Vegetable Industry.

Dr. Madrigal was recipient of various awards including a certificate of distinction from the Massey University in New Zealand, and best regional technical working group member of STARRDEC in 1996, 2000, and 2001.

DOST IV-A Profile
National government remains the most important investor in the long-term process of ensuring adequate and stable financial resources for DOST IV-A. The private sector, however, remains a staunch partner. The emphasis in resource mobilization is on securing timely and increased contributions from concerned organizations to ensure sufficient capacity on the part of DOST IV-A in realizing the National S&T Plan for 2002 to 2020.

Funds and Support
In 2005, the Regional S&T Center sourced P42M in additional fund to augment its regular budget, which helped sustain operations and take care of human resource—its most valuable asset. Partnership agreements with over 20 organizations demonstrated advantages and efficiency compared to traditional approaches to fund sourcing.

The main focus of partnerships is on provision of technological and other support services for small and medium scale enterprises. Links with other institutions sustained work on 22 projects—12 projects in food worth P7.8M, 5 projects in metals and engineering valued at P3.34M, and another 5 projects in gifts, decors, toys, and furniture enterprises amounting to P0.72M.

Forty-six employees complement the total workforce at the regional and provincial offices. Thirty-two officers and staff man the Regional Office while 14 run the provincial offices. Based on staff functions, 17 are involved in technology delivery, seven provide S&T services, six maintain the S&T system, six perform administrative functions, and three are assigned to science education support. Six support staff assist section and unit heads.

Half of the staff complement finished or are pursuing post-graduate and graduate studies. Two had finished post-graduate studies while another two will soon complete theirs. Eight staffs have either a Master of Science or Master of Arts degrees, and 10 staffs are currently enrolled in graduate programs, and the rest of the staffs are graduates of Bachelor of Science (9) and Bachelor of Arts (10) programs. STP