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From the Editor


Special Report

S&T perspective on the disastrous oil spill in Guimaras
Science-based management of MT Solar I oil spill

Managing oil spills: A science and technology perspective

Oil spill: A nightmare to marine vegetation

Bites that kill (A comprehensive look at dreaded dengue)


Romblon fuels alternative energy goal
Romblon inaugurates its first one-ton CME plant


What's New

DOST's Libary System
Research and information management make easier with STII-developed system

Fish smoking machine
PCIERD-supported and Pangasinan State University-developed fish smoking machine is portable and hygienic

Binderless coconut coir board
FPRDI-developed bio-based composite panels are made of 100% coco husk

New man at the helm of of DOST IV-A
Meet Dr. Alexander R. Madrigal, DOST IV-A's new RD


NSTW 2006: A reflection of government S&T enterprise
The S&T community thrives despite limited funds

Scientists in Focus:
Meet Dr. Natividad Silva-Mendoza and Dr. James M. Filio

Philippine Journal of Science
Find out how the country's pioneer scientific publication withstood the test of time as it celebrates its centennial

Jatropha oil development plan
The government puts its stakes on jatropha as alternative fuel source

Gay gene, coming out from the mutant X?
Getting to the bottom of being gay

Rediscovering fruit wines
Wines in guyabano, pineapple, and bignay flavors? Taste and see.

S&T Community

Cleaner production to make local firms competitive
Science Centrum in Marikina
NRCP bares national program for basic research
ITDI to provide technology-based business package
Group aims to develop technopreneurial society by 2016
2,317 pass 2006 S&T scholarship examination

Food & Nutrition

Filipinos' calcium intake is only 57% adequate
Nurture your child's bone health
Why children, average Filipino eat less fruits and vegetables
Fight infections with fruits
Pregnant and breastfeeding women vulnerable to malnutrition
Protect your heart!
High-fiber sausage
Ready-to-serve Filipino vegetable mixes
Vegetable consumption decline
Kabuuang diet ng Filipino, kulang sa calcium
Sarap asim, dagdag yero at kalusugan na makukuha ng katawan
Filipino children have a sedentary lifestyle
Low fat, low sugar icecream

New in Photo

DOST faces Milenyo's fury
Milenyo may have turned DOST in shambles, but we managed anyway