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Vol. XXVI, 1st Quarter
January–March 2008


farm primer

Primer on organic rice farming using sustainable ecological agriculture now available

The Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCARRD) recently launched a primer that explains the principles and practices of the sustainable ecological agriculture (SEA) technology. The primer provides the steps in effective organic rice farming using the SEA technology.

The SEA technology was developed by Southern Christian College-Community Extension Administration and the Cotabato MASIPAG farmers to address monoculture, high-energy, and chemical-dependent rice production. This reliance on chemicals has caused damage to the environment and affected the health of farmers and consumers alike.

The Cotabato Agriculture and Resources Research and Development Consortium, one of PCARRD's consortia and co-publisher of the primer attests to the merits of the technology: simple, feasible, appropriate, healthyl, and economical. The consortium is currently promoting SEA technology for adoption by the farmer-clients.

The primer is one in a series of regional farm primers newly launched by PCARRD to provide farmers and other clientele with location-specific information and technologies on the focus products in their respective regions.