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Vol. XXVI, 1st Quarter
January–March 2008

High yielding sweetpotato variety for Mindanao

sweet potatoSweetpotato is a commonly grown root crop and is one of the food staples of Filipinos in some areas of the country like Northern Mindanao . It is a good source of starch and flour; and used as ingredient in nonalcoholic beverages, catsup, jellies, jam, soy sauce, bakery and nonbakery products. Furthermore, sweetpotato is drought tolerant and grows even on soil with limited fertility.

To boost the sweetpotato industry, a group of researchers from the Department of Agriculture Regional Field Unit 10 (DA-RFU 10) conducted an advanced yield trial in 2005-2006 at the Department of Agriculture - Northern Mindanao Integrated Agricultural Research Center , Dalwangan, Malaybalay City . Sixteen varieties and lines were evaluated for adaptability and yield performance.

Of the 16 varieties and lines evaluated, JK-02-20-4 consistently outyielded the check variety NSIC/PSB Sp 30 or JK-027. In the wet season, JK-02-20-4 yielded 31.1 t/ha yielded 31.1 t/ha and produced the heaviest roots, averaging 406.3 g/plant. Its dry matter content (DMC) was 34%. DMC indicates the starch content of the roots and a variety with DMC of 30% or higher is good for processing. JK-02-20-4 produced a net profit of P104,100/ha.

For the dry season cropping, JK-02-20-4 yielded 20.95 t/ha and its DMC was 40%. The check variety NSIC Sp 30 or JK-027 had 14.50 t/ha. JK-02-20-4 gave the highest net return at P71,100/ha. Its general acceptability was rated 7.0, indicating "like moderately."

Considering all the factors measured - yield, dry matter content, acceptability in terms of taste and profitability, the National Rootcrops Technical Working Group recommended sweetpotato line JK-02-20-4 to the National Seed Industry Council in 2006 for nationwide commercialization.