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Vol. XXVI, 1st Quarter
January–March 2008

PCARRD gets "very satisfactory" ratings from clients

Los Baños, Laguna - How well does PCARRD respond to the needs of its clients? This question was answered, plus other issues on client satisfaction feedback (CSF), during PCARRD's annual review and planning workshop held December 5 when results of a survey on PCARRD's performance was presented.

The survey showed that 60.9% of PCARRD's clients are very satisfied, while 39.1% are satisfied, with regard to the council's service delivery performance. PCARRD was rated in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, and relevance of PCARRD as a council and as a provider of science solutions for a vibrant agriculture and sustainable development.

In general, the survey gave a picture of how PCARRD's partners rate its performance, and provided external insights on how the agency can further improve its performance and role in the national development process.

The Council undertook the CSF for management and staff to have a better understanding of their roles in providing service for technical assistance; human resources development; information, education, communication (IEC); and information communications technology.
The annual review and planning workshop will use the assessment of performance, based on the survey, as a measure to initiate change.

Respondents to the stakeholder survey also identified gaps that should be addressed, such as the duplication of efforts among the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) agencies and the other national government agencies.

Very Satisfactory

They encouraged harmony of initiatives and consultation process for technology development and commercialization.

Recommendations of respondents include the conduct of impact assessment of research and development programs and projects, and the promotion of enrollment in the agriculture, forestry, and natural resources (AFNR) courses in coordination with the Commission on Higher Education and the academic community.

This assessment exercise is expected to improve appreciation of the existing and potential impact of PCARRD in AFNR so as to justify its current and future funding.

At the same time, it serves as a monitoring and evaluation tool to measure how far the Council has gone toward achieving its organizational outcome, which is "access to science solutions on a sustained basis for a competitive AFNR sectors."

The Council's directorate and senior staff also shared how to address deficits in the targets for year 2007, improve processes, and leverage these processes for an efficient management of the research and development sector for the following year.

By tradition, government agencies build budgets based on previous year's budget with corresponding performance indicators and targets to be attained. In 2007, PCARRD concentrated on the major need to examine the performance targets vis-à-vis new major final outputs and the accomplishments. This establishes the purpose and scope of the new indicators for the next year.