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Cooking out of kitchen wastes

ITDI's biodigesterCOMMON KITCHEN WASTES can be an immediate and handy alternative source of gas for cooking especially with rising cost of liquefied petroleum gas.

Researchers at the Industrial Technology Development Institute, an agency of the Department of Science and Technology, have developed a cheap and environment friendly portable biogas digester.

The drum type biogas digester can store up to 211 liters of biodegradable materials from kitchen wastes, leaves, animal manure, and other biodegradable kitchen wastes.  It can produce 350 liters of biogas for cooking with similar efficiency to a regular LPG.

The simple waste-to-fuel process involves mixing of 1.5 kilo of animal manure to 4.5 kilos of kitchen wastes. The manure serves as the starter for the fermented waste materials.  Water is then added to a ratio of 1:2.

The process takes overnight and the resulting gas is good for a day’s cooking, depending on the frequency and amount of usage.

Aside from being a cheap source of gas for cooking, the functional technology reduces common kitchen wastes, which add significantly to domestic garbage.  Government data show that Metro Manila alone produces 600,000 tons of garbage everyday,

Previous biogas technology use animal manure from poultry and hog raisers that emits unpleasant smell. The new version discharges lesser, passing stench.

ITDI’s biogas digester suits best a small family’s gas requirement.  But the design can be modified by ITDI to meet specific needs.  STP

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