January – March 2006

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Land slides follow heavy, long rainy days

floodPCIERDHow much rainfall would it take to set off landslides and flashfloods? A scientific investigation attempts to unearth an answer.
Watershed-scale landslide and flashfloods induced by rain resulted to sudden and extensive damages on several communities in the Philippines such as those in Ormoc tragedy (1991), Camiguin Island (2000), and Southern Leyte and Surigao City (2003). Many parts of the country experience heavy and long rainy days, and these affect other watersheds in the Philippines with similar critical physical and hydrological conditions.
The devastating landslides and flashfloods that swamped Panaon Island and Surigao City last December 19, 2003 uncovered the necessity to study the critical rainfall thresholds for landslides and flashfloods.... more


IT helps Guinsaugon rise again

Bangon GuinsaugonAs the debris clears, Guinsaugon folks, still deeply scarred by a massive tragedy, pick up from what is left of their once thriving community.
The folks know they have to move on, just like the legendary phoenix rising from the rubble.
While the phoenix flies far abovehead to scan the desolate landscape after an inundation, technology does it for this Southern Leyte barangay....more

Green tea for pink health?

green tea (source: http://www.organicteatrust.com)Green tea is one of the most popular beverages. The Chinese drink green tea for centuries mainly for its claimed health benefits.
Green tea is said to bring down cholesterol levels and improve the ratio of high density lipoprotein (HDL) to low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. Moreover, it is also believed to boost the immune system and prevent cavities and tooth decay because of its bacterial-destroying properties .... more

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Rain watching drips down to the villages

At the strike of eight in the morning, Anette, clad in a raincoat, trudges under the pouring rain toward a two-foot canister nestled in the front yard. There she pulls out the canister’s inner contraption, which she later measures in the foyer ......more

White fly a threat to crops

In 1986, a huge chunk of agricultural investments on tomato and squash were wiped out following an outbreak of plant disease known as "leaf curl disease" or LCD. The disease damaged a wide swathe of.....more

Pili oil extraction technology in DOST - V

The Department of Science and Technology's provincial office in Sorsogon developed a simple method of producing oil from pilinut pulp. The process extracts oil from freshly harvested pilinuts using minimal heat and simple cooking and filtration tools.....more

PCIERD energy audit project on SMEs raise energy efficiency

Soaring energy prices hit small and medium enterprises harder because energy figures strongly on operational costs. Whatever the cost, SMEs that optimize energy use have an economic edge over the competition....more

Foods that are rich in phytochemicals and dietary fibers

Chewing up basic food information could spell practical food choices. Sorting cut foods into "functional foods", "phytochemicals" and "dietary fibers" is at the core of building blocks of healthy lifestyle....more