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Vol. XXVI, 2nd Quarter
April–June 2008

DOST Commemorative stamp

The DOST Golden anniversary

Commemorative stamp

The images, hues, and other elements that make up the design of the Department of Science and Technology’s golden anniversary commemorative stamp represent the challenges, legacy, and evolution of the science community and the institution.

Tucked into the commemorative stamp’s design are 50 years of mostly untold hard work by learned and skilled men and women in often modest circumstances, whose contributions to the national development mission generally have substantial and far reaching implications to the people’s welfare and social stability.

It sums up five decades of individual, communal, and institutional history that began in 1958 when the Philippine Congress passed a law that created the National Science Development Board.  Essentially, the NSDB laid down the foundation stones of an organized national scientific development effort.

In 1982, the NSDB was overhauled into the National Science and Technology Authority to assume broader policy making and program implementing functions.  The expanded structure was an attempt to meet the period’s emergent development and competitive challenges.

Five years later, the NSTA was upgraded into its current structure following a powerful social upheaval celebrated in it nonviolent temperament.  The DOST system was created with fresh hopes of accelerating the development and deployment of technology products and services appropriate to the needs of domestic industries including SMEs.

The DOST golden anniversary commemorative stamp is a reminder of a continuing commitment to bring life enhancing technology-based solutions to the Filipino nation. (S&T Media Service)