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Vol. XXVI, 2nd Quarter
April–June 2008

Who is tron?

The Department of Science and Technology for the first time adopted a mascot it calls Tron, an android with humanlike features and superhuman intelligence and strength.

Tron has the ability to interface with computers and appliances while his body parts especially his arms can be transformed into common tools and gadgets.  It is the brainchild of a committee led by Philippine Council for Health Research and Development Executive Director Jaime C. Montoya, which is responsible for the DOST Golden Jubilee activities.

The mascot is created to popularize S&T especially among young Filipinos.  Mango, a private publishing group, is coming out with a Tron comic strip that will feature the adventures of Tron and his classmates at the prestigious DOSTRUM Science High School.

Science Education Institute’s Ruby Cristobal explained that “children and adults are fascinated by animated characters.  Tron can be used in popular media to promote science and technology to everyone.”

The mascot made its first public appearance during the opening program of the 2007 National Science and Technology Week dancing to the tune of the new DOST jingle “Lift your Head High.”

Its creators hope the jolly and playful character of Tron could loosen up the technically complex field of science and capture the interest of young students in pursuing S&T related careers.

Tron is now making appearances in many DOST sponsored activities and welcomes invitations through the SEI for campus visits and similar activities.