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From the Editor


special report

The making of a scientist

special report

Dream to restore lahar-strewn areas outlives scientist, gets environment award
Biotech forum draws national players to draft development roadmap
MIRDC rolls out four new machines that can process coconut husk-based products
MIRDC celebrates ruby anniversary
Jetro assistance to RP metal and plastic industries
ITDI celebrates its 105th foundation anniversary
New MIRDC governing council chair
DOST, UN hold forum on national innovation system
MIRDC deputy retires
Filipino physicists show why they are world-class
PCIERD gets ISO 9001:2000 Certification
RP’s best school of Physics
Science to the barrios
Blooms amid crisis

the regions

DOST IV-A lab gets ISO/IEC 17025 certification
Polangui’s panocha gets sweeter in quality and look
Bicol wants to be open source community
Lumber dryer builds Bicol furniture winner
Driftwood keeps a Masbate entrepreneur’s dreams afloat

agri-aqua dev’ts

PCA-Albay to make Bicol coconut and makapuno hub
Aquaculture productivity is next best alternative to raise fish production
Conservation farming village system can save the uplands
Investment in technology-based projects
Organic fertilizer investment pack
Healthy food and environment adherents drive organic agriculture
Organic farm in Cavite to mass-produce Jatropha
National program on biofuel R&D
How to catch up with prosperous As ian neighbors
Factors affecting NIPAS Act implementation uncovered
Proposed policy to save sagging banana industry
Right information, right farming
Consolidated R&D agenda for agriculture, forestry and natural resources
Global panel to develop options for rice and water sustainability
New Australian-backed Laguna de Bay rehab project
Fact sheets on agriculture industry
PCARRD, DA-BAR held two PGR trainings
PCARRD, media tour market-oriented projects
National Biotech Week
NSTW in Los Baños focused on Mt. Makiling
PCAMRD invites aspirants to ATCOM 2007
UPLB chancellor is new president of LBSCFI
World fish center meeting

health, food & nutrition

Weight gain during pregnancy
Phytochemicals provide zing to life
Your weight and “yo-yo effect
Bahay Kubo is a cheery guide to vegetable-eating habit
Camote, cassava, peanut may lower blood cholesterol
Soy-peanut spread
Iron-rich foods for vegetarians
Potassium in banana helps regulate blood pressure
More than water in watermelon
Iodine-packed noodles
Soybean gel for dessert
More soy peanut spread