Dr. Graciano P. Yumul

New MIRDC governing council chair

Department of Science and Technology Undersecretary for R&D Graciano P. Yumul, Jr. was named chair of the governing council of Metals Industry Research and Development Center.  He replaced Dr. Rogelio A. Panlasigui, Jr. who retired in 2005....full story

jatropha or tuba in Filipino

Organic farm in Cavite to
mass-produce Jatropha

An organic farm in Mendez, Cavite, is planting tissue-cultured Jatropha curcas, locally known as tubang bakod, whose promising high-quality....full story

April to June 2006


The making of a scientist

Debates are a sign of divergent paths either in opinion or desires.  It could be healthy or distasteful. 
Healthy if those involved are freethinkers.  Distasteful if those involved—to borrow a former top government official’s favorite line—”validate only each other’s whims and biases”.....full story

MIRDC rolls our four new machines that can process coconut husk-based products

The Metals Industry Research and Development Center’s R&D Division has successfully completed four machines designed to increase production and improve the quality of coco coir products.
The “Coco Husk Micro-Decorticator” can process 3,000 husks per day. It separates coco fiber or coir from coconut husk by....full story

RP's best school of physics

Physics labThe University of the Philippines’ National Institute of Physics is considered the country’s center for advanced manpower training, research, and development in pure and applied physics. In many scales, it is building a reputation as a special academic unit in UP Diliman’s College of Science.....full story